Thursday, 23 July 2009

Looks like this might actually be happening.

As of today, I have an electronic one way ticket to Georgetown; I have taken my first Malaria pills with a terrifying bunch of potential side effects (paranoid delusions and suicidal thoughts are some of the least worrying); I am fully loaded up with rabies, hepatitis, yellow fever and any other tropical diseases you might care to mention; I've taught my last lessons, moved out of my rented hovel and loaded up on brand new socks, diarrhea pills and colourful boxers.

OK, i didn't do all that today, just received the ticket and took the Malaria pill. The rest has been over the past few hectic weeks. But it really is starting to look very real and very soon. And I can't wait.

So just the final VSO training, the final catching up with friends, and I'm off.

For an introduction to Guyana, check out:
Guyanese Proverbs
The Jonestown Massacre
and Terrifying Safety Advice

One final administrative point before we begin the journey: I have set up a justgiving page at so please give generously. I believe VSO badly need donations to avoid a big shortfall in funding this year. Something to do with a credit munch or something, apparently there's been some huge catastrophic global financial meltdown. I'd not seen anything about it on the news, but there you go. Plus, just think of all the cash you'll be saving by not having a high maintenance friend/family member/colleague/casual acquaintance like me around for 2 years.