Saturday, 29 August 2009

Love at First Sight

I didn’t expect it to happen. I was just walking down the street, killing time. Minding my own business. It was my favourite time of day here: late afternoon, the sun low in the sky, the heat of the day beginning to subside, people coming home from work, unwinding from the day, gaffing with their neighbours. A great time to have a wander around my new neighbourhood.

There I was, ambling along, quietly taking everything in; keeping an eye out for the dogs, watching the cows and goats nonchalantly holding up the traffic and the kids playing in their yards; listening to the blaring horns and the different flavours of music booming out of every other house. Quietly soaking up the ambience of a lazy afternoon in the village.

And then I saw her, across a crowded forecourt. And I knew I had to have her.

She was everything I wanted. Elegant, refined, curves in all the right places. A natural beauty, with a timeless sense of style and grace. Well put together, you might say. And you could tell straight away that she wasn’t the flighty type that would be in and out of your life before you could catch a breath. She would stick with you through thick and thin.

True, she wasn’t getting any younger. You might even say she had been around the block a few times. And sure, you could point out that she was a bit smaller than ideal (and a little on the heavy side) if you really wanted to pick faults.

But the simple fact is, when you get that feeling deep inside, you just know. And I knew from that very first moment that she was the one for me.

Isn't she a stunner?


  1. Have you been to meet her parents yet?

  2. Hi Dan,

    I'm a VSO just about to go to Vietnam, I met Kirsten on the SKWID, and saw she was following your site. I took a look at thought it was great, hope you don't mind me following too.


  3. Thanks Ian! Don't mind you following at all, the more the merrier.

    Good luck on your travels - What is your placement about?

  4. Mint. Schwinn Varsity, 1960's I imagine.

    No tassles?