Thursday, 6 May 2010

The greatest chat up line ever?

A white gyal friend of mine, walking through the market, minding her own business, was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of loud, violent vomiting from a man she was walking past.


She turned round to see what was going on, to see a man bent double, fingers pointing into his mouth, savagely convulsing.  Once he knew he had her attention, he paused the mime to explain - "I'm just making room for some of that white meat*!"

They are now happily married.**

* There was a popular song a few years ago here called 'never had white meat'.
** Bizarrely, this is not true.


  1. Don't read this post while eating breakfast.

  2. The above comment should be placed before the post. Crikey!
    Did the gyal kick him in the stomach so that at least he had a good excuse to feel sick?
    raquel, with love (and violence)

  3. word up Homes - when can we speak again?