Friday, 23 December 2011

All my Christmasses are green

This is, unbelievably, my Third christmas in Guyana. And christmas in Guyana, like the other holidays, has it's own unique set of traditions.  A great thing about this country is that the major Christian and Hindu holidays are celebrated by (nearly) all Guyanese, regardless of religion, in a uniquely Guyanese way.  Easter is flying kites on the beach and watching horse racing. Phagwah is crazy water and dye fights in the street. Diwali is terrifying fireworks and spinning wire wool. And Christmas is:

- spring cleaning your house and changing all the curtains

- a big, messy street party on christmas eve, with rum and ginger, huge soundsystems, drunken santas and last minute shopping

- black cake, pepperpot, apples, grapes and nuts (apples and grapes don't grow in the tropics so are expensive imported luxuries here)

- and church till 1 in the morning and partying till the next day on Old Year's Night

This christmas I am off to Orealla, the place most in Guyana that has most stolen my heart. And my toe.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday, however far away you are!


  1. Aw. Missing you here, on Christmas Eve. Just off to the Fox for some carol singing. love from mum, dad and dave x

  2. Happy Christmas Dan...thanks for the music links. really enjoyed it and ended up posting it on my blog as well :)