Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rain stops everything.

Guyana has a very efficient system for rain which would improve the quality of life immeasurably in England. The plan - get all the rain out of the way in the shortest time possible.  The clouds don't bother with drizzling, spitting, showering, misting, sprinkling or any of the other half hearted rain types we are so fond of.  When the heavens do open, they open all the way, and a week’s worth of British drizzle falls in the space of five minutes.

First, you feel a drop in pressure, the air clears, your sweating dies down half a shade and the temperature falls.  There is an ominous silence, a swirling, a sense of impending doom. After a couple of minutes, the sky tears apart and water comes gushing through. A second outside gets you saturated. You have to stop work as you can't hear yourself shout, let alone think. The street becomes a river, your front yard a lake and the guttering a dramatic waterfall. There are more flashes of light than the paparrazi chasing after <insert pointless attention seeking celebrity here>, and the thunder shakes plates off tables and loosens false teeth. Everything stops.

Then after half an hour, the rain clears up, the sun comes out and dries things off, and you go about your day.

Anyone up for starting a petition for the UK to adopt this system?

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