Tuesday, 6 December 2011

If you don't mind awfully, would you be so kind to consider maybe thinking about casting your eyes over this entry and even if you would be so kind try decoding the symbols in order to extract meaning so that you can discern my

How an English person asks a taxi driver to stop:

Excuse me, I hate to be a bother but would you consider being so kind as to help me out by maybe pulling the car over to let me out just before the next road, by the house with the large balcony and the mango tree, is that a mango tree or an avocado tree, I get those awfully confused, is it a mango tree that has the leaves haning down like that, anyway if you could do me the honour of letting me, oh we’ve passed it, never mind, I hate to be a bother but if you could bring the car to a halt at your very first convenience I would be most awfully . . .
How a Guyanese person asks a taxi driver to stop:
Driver! Street coming up.

On the other hand, protocol when walking down the street is:


  • Blinkers on, studiously avoid eye contact or interaction of any kind, stern and unapproachable face.


  • Every man, woman, child and goat you come near gets a Good Morning, or at least a quick 'Wam*?' 

Taxi drivers dealing with British directions are equally confused as a Brit dealing with a smile and greeting from a stranger in the street.

* My favourite contraction of 'What's Happening?'.

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